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Hello there!!! You may have noticed that the blog went under some changes and unfortunately most of the postings got corrupted so I was able to save a few recent ones. So I decided to wipe it clean and just start fresh with what I have on hand. However, I still have photos of all of my projects that I have done the last 15 years. I will just upload them to an album for each theme sometime this week.

I do have a facebook page and group called Jen’s Messy Studio: Deaf Crafter LOUNGE. Both still has the username of JensMessyStudio so look those up and join those 2 page/group!

I am hoping to re-start the blog again since it’ll be mixture of everything; the general paper-crafting, my loves of owls/boxer pups, Chalkin’ with Chalk Couture and of course personal postings of my life. The purpose of the personal postings of my life is so you would get to know WHO IS JEN??!! So this will be mixture of EVERYTHING! Which is also the same deal for the facebook page/group.

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I hope to hear from you!!

Benefits of Time-Blocking

Keeping a planner is one of those good idea because it also give you the benefit of time-blocking your schedule. It does not only maximize your time, but applies for productivity. Also, so you’re not having tons of tasks running all over your mind and trying to keep track of it. I currently have quite several planners (6 to this date and each has their own agendas).

How to make your planner work; you will need to recognize the time you need to complete your specific task. Mark your time and give yourself some wiggle room for unexpected task or appointments. Don’t pack all into allotted time so you can focus on specific tasks without error.

Time-blocking does help you meet your personal and business goals and still have time for your family, friends and fun – times. It has help me a lot due to the fact that I manage 7-8 different schedules in this household and one is my husband’s 94 years old grandmother. 🙂 . It has been a huge help being able to schedule my time around everything and still get things done within reasonable time. Although, there has been quite a few times where I have moved specific tasks to the next day as the allotted time wasn’t enough to complete that.

Planner Links

Photo Credit – Living A Creative Life

There are so many to choose from! You just have to find what will work for you! It took several planners (and years) to find the one that works the best for me. There is no such as right or wrong ways of doing your planner. Some opts to get planners from Walmart and Target. Check your local bookstores; they do carry some planners. Office Max/Depot has those where you can customize your planner with those inserts and 3 rings binder in different sizes. There are also planners that are just specifically for DSA (Direct Sale Association).

1 – Plum Paper Planner –

2 – Erin Cordren –

3 – Passion Planner –

4 – Happy Planner – (Most of this can be found at Hobby Lobby and Michael too. Some are reporting that this line is starting to show up at Walmart & Target too!)

5 – The Simplified Planner –

6 – Sugar Paper Planner Collection –

** I will keep adding links once I find them so save this link and check back!

I will be writing another post with Etsy store links that I purchase stickers for my planner soon!

Until then!

Planner for 2019

HELLO! YES, I’m BACK! 🙂 I have set up a new facebook page ( for my general crafts (scrapbooking, cardmaking, planner-planning, our boxer pups, my addition to owls and my family) So yes, mixture of everything 😉 My main facebook would still be for the Chalk Couture projects/business only.

Anyway – onto to the original post 🙂 As we are heading into 2019. I am introducing my planner that I will be using. I purchased the planner from Plum Paper Planner. I have been using their planner for almost 6 years, I believe. I chose to go with the vertical priorities for 2019. It’s a new layout that they just recently came out with. So far, it seem to work pretty good. I will include a photo of how it is set up. The “subjects” are totally customized. I chose to go with Notes, Quotes, Habit Tracker, Appointments and To-Do. So far it seem to work pretty well! Ok, enough chatting! 
Onto the photos!


Love is spoken here VIDEO

**It has been brought to my attention that the youtube video doesn’t show up in the email subscription. My apologizes for that. I don’t know why it does that, but in all future email subscription if you see VIDEO at the end of the title – be aware that it does have youtube video on the blog. You always can head over to the YouTube channel and check the videos out. 🙂