Planner for 2019

HELLO! YES, I’m BACK! 🙂 I have set up a new facebook page ( for my general crafts (scrapbooking, cardmaking, planner-planning, our boxer pups, my addition to owls and my family) So yes, mixture of everything 😉 My main facebook would still be for the Chalk Couture projects/business only.

Anyway – onto to the original post 🙂 As we are heading into 2019. I am introducing my planner that I will be using. I purchased the planner from Plum Paper Planner. I have been using their planner for almost 6 years, I believe. I chose to go with the vertical priorities for 2019. It’s a new layout that they just recently came out with. So far, it seem to work pretty good. I will include a photo of how it is set up. The “subjects” are totally customized. I chose to go with Notes, Quotes, Habit Tracker, Appointments and To-Do. So far it seem to work pretty well! Ok, enough chatting! 

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