Benefits of Time-Blocking

Keeping a planner is one of those good idea because it also give you the benefit of time-blocking your schedule. It does not only maximize your time, but applies for productivity. Also, so you’re not having tons of tasks running all over your mind and trying to keep track of it. I currently have quite several planners (6 to this date and each has their own agendas).

How to make your planner work; you will need to recognize the time you need to complete your specific task. Mark your time and give yourself some wiggle room for unexpected task or appointments. Don’t pack all into allotted time so you can focus on specific tasks without error.

Time-blocking does help you meet your personal and business goals and still have time for your family, friends and fun – times. It has help me a lot due to the fact that I manage 7-8 different schedules in this household and one is my husband’s 94 years old grandmother. 🙂 . It has been a huge help being able to schedule my time around everything and still get things done within reasonable time. Although, there has been quite a few times where I have moved specific tasks to the next day as the allotted time wasn’t enough to complete that.

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