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2020 Planner

I am SO ready to start using the 2020 planner! I did decide to go a size up in planner size. For 2019, I used B6 stalogy along with rustic traveler’s notebook (LOVE IT!). After reviewing the last few months; I realized I needed to go a size up in planner.

I have included supply list and where it was purchased from. Hopefully this will give you some ideas on what may work for you! It was a hit and miss with the planner system; I think I’ve found my planner peace! The thing with the planner world is that it is always changing so it’s very fluid. You change things up as you go when you realize certain part isn’t working for you. There is NO right or wrong way of how you plan!

2019 planner:

2019 Planner with Rustic Wanderer Traveler’s Notebook with B6 Stagology

2020 Planner:

2020 Planner

For 2020 planner; I have chose to go with those following

Hobonichi Cousin 2020 (in Japanese version and it is A5).

Planner cover is Rustic Wanderer Traveler’s Notebook from Etsy. I highly recommend this lady. The wait is about 3-4 weeks, but WORTH IT!

A5 Kraft File Folder with Evenlope

Personalized Purse for Women Planner Pouch A5 – there are tons of fabric/design to pick from!

Thin Blue Hobonichi Notebook – I can’t remember where I got it from 🙁 I wanted to say JetPens or Amazon but neither are showing up in my orders list. This notebook is planned for “morning journaling” but that MAY change. I’m not so sure on this yet!

White Idea Book (B6 Slim) I actually took that from the Jibun Techno planner (it’s a 3 part and the other wasn’t working for me so I took the idea book and stuck it in this cover). My plan for this notebook is to write down when I’m on an important calls where I need to write down names, time/dates and what it is related to.

Hobonichi Weeks