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Hello there!!! You may have noticed that the blog went under some changes and unfortunately most of the postings got corrupted so I was able to save a few recent ones. So I decided to wipe it clean and just start fresh with what I have on hand. However, I still have photos of all of my projects that I have done the last 15 years. I will just upload them to an album for each theme sometime this week.

I do have a facebook and group called Jen’s Messy Studio LOUNGE. It’s where you can share your artworks with us! Looking forward to seeing you there! 🙂

I am hoping to re-start the blog again since it’ll be mixture of everything; the general paper-crafting, my loves of owls/boxer pups and of course personal postings of my life. The purpose of the personal postings of my life is so you would get to know WHO IS JEN??!! So this will be mixture of EVERYTHING! Which is also the same deal for the facebook page/group.

If you’re wanting email subscription – be sure to sign up for the email subscription for new posts!

I hope to hear from you!!

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